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The number of people travelling to and having general surgery, IVF,Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic, dental treatment and Cosmetic surgery in Cyprus  is on the increase year on year. This is mainly due to prices being significantly lower than at home,treatment can be received without delay; facilities are far more advanced and alternative treatments are extensively accessible. Ultimately the combination of a holiday, incorporating treatment makes travelling for medical purposes  more appealing than simply receiving care at home.


Cyprus offers high quality personal care to suit individual needs for treatment and convalescence. It prides itself with a well - equipped medical system technologically advanced to ensure high quality patient safety and care with the most up to date treatments in cosmetic surgery, general surgery, Ophthalmic and dental procedures. 


Highly qualified specialist doctors and medical teams offer reliable and confidential treatment of the highest category.


English is widely spoken and with many doctors trained in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America, communication and language is not a concern. Patient well being reins supreme at all times when is comes to all spectrums of cosmetic surgery in Cyprus with the medical sector strictly monitored by the Cyprus Ministry of Health.


Carefree medical treatment can be enjoyed without long waiting lists which guarantee instant access to consultants, fast speed test results and prompt individual treatment. What is more, one to one patient care between patient and specialist promotes well being and reassurance while anonymity and discretion are rigorously adhered to.


Cyprus is also an extremely cost effective destination promoting value for money for both travel and medical care.  It’s a lot closer than you think!


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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 February 2010 )