Day Surgery

Advances in anaesthetics and improvements in surgical techniques make day surgery as safe as staying in hospital.
Countless operations have been carried out successfully in this way over recent years.

Many patients can now come into hospital- have their operation, and go home on the same day. Some people like to spend as little time in hospital as possible and prefer to relax, in comfort back at their hotel to be with their family or friends.

To qualify for day surgery, depends on what operation you need. An ever increasing number of surgical procedures can be carried out on a day-stay basis, for example; hernia operations, prostrate operations, cataracts, and many others.
Not everyone is fit enough for day surgery. Careful assessment of your general health is made before booking you in for a day-stay operation.

You will not be allowed home unless it is completely safe for you to leave the hospital the same day. A very small number of people have to stay overnight for unforeseen reasons, but this exceptional.

We will arrange for someone to drive you back to your hotel. You will be given advice about when you can start to drive after your operation if you wish to do so. Normally you should not drive yourself for two days after any procedure performed under sedation or general anaesthesia.

It still takes some days to get over certain operations, just as it would if you stayed in hospital. You and your carer (a relative or friend) will be given advice about what to do during this time.

If you have any worries once you are back at your hotel, help and advice will be only a telephone call away. You will be given a telephone number to use in case you need it.

Holmium Laser Ablation of the Prostate (HoLAP)