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Step 1 - Initial Enquiry


Cost Estimate and Guidelines - your initial enquiry will provide you with relevant information, including: all-inclusive cost estimates for surgery, and a basic outline of the surgical recuperation period. We offer optional services such as travel and accommodation, finance options and medical insurance services. We welcome any questions you may.


Step 2 - Medical Evaluation by the Surgeon Medical History Form - upon receiving photographs of the area/s requiring treatment, they are then forwarded to the surgeon for his initial professional evaluation which will be forwarded to you via email. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like regarding your procedure. Once you decide to proceed, to the next stage arrangements will be made for a teleconference with the Surgeon if necessary. If you are living in Cyprus we offer free consultations in person. There is a small charge with the Embryologist due to ultrasound procedures which is credited back to the patient once they decide to continue with treatment. We do not take any deposits and the full cost of the surgery is paid on the day they one is discharged from the clinic The Surgeon will explain the procedure and treatment most suitable and the risks involved. A medical form will be then forwarded to you to complete for further evaluation by the Surgeon. The CV's of all our doctors and surgeons can be sent to you upon request. Patient testimonials can be accessed from the following independent medical websites:, and At Cyprus Sun Med Connections we can put you in touch with other patients who have been through the same journey you are about to take, with the same guidelines, and aftercare programme.


Step 3 – Deciding to Proceed Confirmation of Booking Once you are satisfied with the answers to any queries we will proceed with making the arrangements for your procedure. We shall update you with information you need to know pre-operatively. Remember, the final decision is yours and we at Cyprus Sun Med Connections do not believe in putting you under any pressure. You have the time and option to choose carefully. Please make the most of the information available to you.


Step 5 - Arrival in Cyprus With you every step of the way - upon arrival in Cyprus we will welcome you at the airport and proceed to take you to your accommodation (optional). We provide you with a local mobile telephone to use completely free of charge so you to contact us including the surgeon, doctor, the hospital at all times if you need to giving you total peace of mind in a foreign country.


Step 6 - Consultation with the Surgeon Pre - Operative Tests - the day after your arrival you will be taken to the Clinic where all the necessary medical tests will be taken. Your consultation with the Surgeon will follow, whereby you are again advised to ask as many questions as you like. The fee quoted in the initial enquiry will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the surgeon. At this stage should you reconsider surgery, your decision will be respected and you will only pay any expenses incurred up to this point. The Surgeon, for medical reasons may determine that you are unable to go ahead with surgery. You can decide whether you would like to continue your stay in Cyprus or make arrangements for your return. We are here to assist you in every way we can.


Step 7 – Surgery - your surgeon, with a team of dedicated nursing staff, will be with you to ensure your safety and wellbeing. We will accompany you to the clinic on the day of surgery ensuring that you are admitted after a pre-surgery consultation with the surgeon and the specialist anesthetist. Any further questions can be addressed at this consultation. We will be with you throughout the procedure and when you awake. We can contact any family members and update them with the outcome of the procedure.


Step 8 - Payment - the fee for your procedure is settled in full prior to being discharged from the clinic. We accept various methods of payment - cash, bank guaranteed cheque, Visa or Master Card (supplement of 3%).


Step 9 – Rest & Recuperation- when you are discharged from the Clinic, we shall transport you to your accommodation, where you will be allowed to recuperate. We shall visit on a regular basis and accompany you to your follow up consultations.


Step 10 – Follow up Consultation - depending on the type of procedure you have you may have more than one follow-up consultation. We also email you before and after photographs of your surgery. A copy of your consent form along with details of your surgery can be forwarded to your registered general practitioner, upon your request. Your well being will take precedence until your stay with us comes to an end and you leave Cyprus feeling totally relaxed and revitalized!




Medicine and surgery is not exact science that is why the outcome of any therapy or surgical procedure is not 100% guaranteed or predictable with elective surgery. If you wish to have further corrective surgery for the same procedure this will be carried out without the surgeon’s fee but a payment for the clinic/anesthetist/disposables will be charged. For combined surgeries we will cover for 2 nights stay in the clinic for the fee quoted. If any complications occur due to the surgery there may be a further small charge. 



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