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Excimer Laser Eye Surgery  Excimer laser eye surgery involves using a laser, which is computer controlled to reshape the cornea (the clear surface of the eye in front of the pupil). The surgery is designed to correct myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism and in some people presbyopia. With CustomView Excimer Laser using the WaveScan, small irregularities of the surface of the eye, apart from the above well known conditions, are also corrected therefore the person who undergoes laser vision correction  can achieve vision which is better than normal. A prime example are the pilots of the USA navy who underwent this treatment who are now  called super pilots due to their super vision some of them having vision 140%, the normal being 100%.

Today’s laser vision correction surgery, seems to nearly effortlessly free people from their dependence on glasses and contact lenses with over 10 million laser vision correction procedures having been performed worldwide.  Irrespective of that perception, the Excimer lasers used to create this modern day miracle are some of the most sophisticated medical devices ever invented.                             

Excimer laser treatment is straightforward, and takes approximately 30 minutes, although actual laser time takes a matter of seconds, depending on the level of visual disorder that needs to be corrected.

You can now

- Get up in the morning and see clearly
- Swim & play sports without holding back
- No more glasses or contact lenses
- Look and feel more attractive and

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 January 2010 )