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Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

 The procedure entails that a semen specimen produced by the male partner is processed for separating and activating the motile spermatozoa from the rest constituents of the ejaculate (seminal plasma). The final preparation usually concentrated to a small volume of 0.5 ml is released inside the uterine cavity with the aid of a fine canula (catheter) which is threaded through the cervical canal. The procedure which is relatively quick and most usually painless aims that the motile sperm swim into the fallopian tubes in search for the egg(s). IUI can be performed using mild ovarian stimulation or during the natural cycle of the female partner. In those cases where controlled stimulation (using tablets and/or low dose hormonal injections) is implemented the possibility of a positive outcome is enhanced due to multiple follicular development, however, this is also associated with a higher risk of multiple pregnancy.  


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