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Frozen Embryo Replacement (FER)


  Patients who had been successful in their initial attempt with IVF and who also had a number of their embryos frozen at the time can aim for a sibling using this procedure. Alternatively those who unfortunately failed to achieve a maintained pregnancy previously but had surplus embryos frozen can subsequently make use of the FER in their endeavor for a positive result. The benefits of this procedure is that the patient does not need to go through the steps for controlled ovarian stimulation using drug administration and egg collection procedures. Rather, the female partner is prepared for endometrial receptivity using estrogen tablets and the frozen embryo(s) are thawed and replaced similarly to a natural cycle. The couple incurs less expense and inconvenience by pursuing this procedure. The novel method of embryo cryo preservation namely vitrification, secures a superior embryo survival rate than its alternative slow cooling approach. Vitrified embryos can be left in liquid nitrogen storage for a considerable time period.  


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 August 2009 )