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Purpose: To, smooth the forehead and reduce the appearance of loose skin around the eyes. With age the brows drop below the eye line and wrinkles appear on the forehead. These make a person look angry, sad and constantly tired. Brow lift is most popular among ages of 40-60, and you can combine it with a facelift or an eyelid surgery.


Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery - Cyprus General Surgery - Ophthalmic -Cyprus Dental treatments




Anesthetic: Local or General depending on procedure
Duration of Procedure: Up to 2 hours
Hospital stay: 1 – 2 days
Stitch removal: 7 – 10 days after procedure.


Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery - Cyprus General Surgery - Ophthalmic -Cyprus Dental treatments

There are two techniques that can be used: open and endoscopic. Both procedures can take up to two hours. With an open brow lift, the surgeon makes a long incision across the forehead - either around the hairline or in one of the creases of the forehead.

For an endoscopic brow lift, the surgeon will make several smaller incisions and insert an endoscope (a metal tube with a camera attached to the end) so that they can see the tissues underneath the skin on a television screen. In both cases, the surgeon will remove fatty tissue underneath the skin, loosen the muscles and remove a section of skin. They will then pull the skin down and stitch the brow into its new position. You will be required to stay in hospital overnight and take 7 -10 days off work/normal routine and to sleep upright for one week to reduce swelling. It will be important to minimise irritation to the scalp by washing the hair daily with baby shampoo and avoiding styling products. Brow lifts can also be performed using 'suture' or 'threadlift' techniques. This involves the placement of sutures or threads with tiny 'teeth' into the brow through a small insertion. The threads are pulled upwards and secured, and the insertion is stitched shut.


Results: The brow and forehead should appear firmer and less lined. Brow lifts are sometimes permanent, but the effect may be reduced as you get older or if you put on weight.

The Risks of Brow Lift Surgery: As with any surgery, there are risks to consider.  Brow or forehead lift surgery involves a very essential part of your body.  Although the majority of patients do not experience the following complications, you should understand all possible consequences of Browlift Surgery:

* The procedure will leave permanent scars but once they have faded they should not be particularly noticeable if positioned along the hairline or in one of the creases of the forehead (although scars along the hairline may become visible at a later date of the hair recedes).

* There is also a risk that the eyebrows may be asymmetrical, and there is also the possibility of some nerve damage. If the nerves that control eyebrow movement are damaged, this could leave you unable to raise your eyebrows or wrinkle your forehead.

You will be given specific instructions that may include: How to care for the surgical site and drains, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health, and when to follow up with your plastic surgeon.


Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery - Cyprus General Surgery - Ophthalmic -Cyprus Dental treatments

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