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If a tooth is damaged to the point where it can no longer hold a filling, a crown maybe necessary. Crowns are custom fitted to the contours of your tooth and cover the tooth completely, fitting onto the gum. Crowns both strengthen and protect your teeth, as well as significantly improving your smile. Decayed, damaged and cracked teeth are now a thing of the past. Crowns look and function the same as a natural tooth and protect teeth from further damage.  


The Procedure

Due to new technology, a crown can now be made entirely of porcelain.This means they maintain a translucency that makes them react as natural teeth when light reflects on them. They are virtually impossible to distinguish.    


Our preferred Dentist will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure through a thorough oral examination. Crowns require at lease 2 visits and take approximately 10 days for completion depending on the number of teeth that require attention.


The Dentist prepares and shapes the tooth , after which impressions are taken. The lab will make a model of these mpressions, and use the model to create your new natural looking porcelain crown.


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Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery - Cyprus General Surgery - Ophthalmic -Cyprus Dental treatments


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