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1. Cosmetic Surgery – Tummy Tuck

I was impressed with the expert way the website was laid out and it was so easy to get the information on the tummy tuck surgery I have wanted for so long. Joanne from Cyprus Sun Med Connections got back to me on the very same day I sent through my email including information on the procedure, what to expect and the exact cost. She also provided me with information on how to get medical insurance cover for my surgery which I didn’t know I could get. It was so nice that there were no hidden expenses; all the medication and bandages were supplied to me so the bill was exactly what was quoted to me from the start. The big plus for me was that Cyprus Sun Med Connections offered a free consultation with the surgeon.On the day I arrived in Paphos Joanne from Cyprus Sun Med Connections was there waiting for me at the airport and she accompanied me to all my appointments, pre op tests and of course the surgery. She was always very supportive. I was so impressed by the way I was treated both by Joanne, the staff at the clinic and of course the surgeon Dr David who was absolutely charming and immediately gave me all the information I needed to help me make a decision without any pressure. I am so pleased that I had a tummy tuck, I feel like a new person. I will definitely recommend Cyprus Sun Med Connections to all my friends and family back home. Thank you! Bea Manchester - UK


2. Dental Treatment

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Joanne at Cyprus Sun Med Connections and of course Dr Zenonos and the whole team for being so patient and kind for the care I received from you during my dental treatment. I was so worried, but I really appreciated how you took the time to explain everything to me step by step. It really helped me a lot. I have always been extremely nervous of any kind of treatment. The whole experience was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I didn't feel rushed at all, quite the opposite really. The treatment was first class and at the fraction of what it would have cost me in the UK. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results and wouldn’t think twice about visiting Cyprus for dental treatment.

Heather Glasgow – Scotland UK


3. Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Lift

After 2 kids and breastfeeding back to back, I needed at breast lift. I was living in Cyprus at the time and started researching a year before I even spoke to anyone about it. I found Cyprus Sun Med Connections on the web and was very impressed from the start. Joanne was so professional and very informative. She spent a great deal of time with me during my appointments especially when I was trying to decide the right implants size for me. I immediately felt that Dr David was the cosmetic surgeon to do my procedure. The nurses at the clinic where the surgery was performed were so nice. I was very nervous on the day of the surgery but everything went well. I went back home the next day. The post op check-ups went very well and Joanne and all the staff at the clinic were also very helpful with any questions. My breasts look very natural now. I am amazed at the difference. Moral of the story: Surgery with Cyprus Sun Med Connections was the best decision I made. It was well worth it. But most importantly, there is a great surgeon located there! I know how much better I look and feel. ClareNottingham UK 4. Cosmetic Surgery – Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia) No surgery is fun, but with Jo and doctor David it really was plain sailing, Jo was great to deal with, very down to earth, dr David was calm and sincere, and it gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery, and yes he did the job as good as I hoped for. Although I had very bad anxiety about the procedure, Jo and dr David did all they could to help with this problem. A great team, a great service. Steve - Cyprus


4. Cosmetic Surgery - Breast Augmentation

I was so surprised how easy and effortless it was to arrange my breast augmentation with Cyprus Sun Med Connections. Jo does a sterling job taking care of everything that is needed before and after surgery while Dr. David has magic hands that yield a perfect result. These guys together make a great team you can trust in.Roxana - Cyprus


5. Cosmetic Surgery – Liposuction

I wanted liposuction because I had problems with my stomach and thighs. My thighs were thick and protruding. My stomach always looked full. I didn't know what to do. I was worried about how much it would cost and to be honest slightly nervous about traveling abroad on my own for surgery, but there was no way I could afford this in the UK. I got on the internet and found Cyprus Sun Med Connections. Joanne was quick to reply to all my emails of which there were many as she patiently went through the process step by step and the costs involved. She even sent me before and after photographs to have a look at. I had the opportunity to have a teleconference with the surgeon who would be carrying out the procedure and found that he was registered with the GMC in the UK which did reassure me a bit more. I wanted to be 100% sure before I finally took the decision to fly to Cyprus. As soon as I arrived in Larnaca I instinctively knew that I would have nothing to worry about. Joanne was there waiting for me and she took me to a free consultation with the surgeon the morning after I arrived. I had the surgery later that day. Over 8 liters fat and fluid were removed from these areas. My progress was monitored with several follow-up visits and he made sure that everything went well. I am ecstatic with the liposuction results. I would recommend Cyprus Sun Med Connections to anyone thinking of going abroad for surgery. Thanks to Joanne for all her help and support. VickyLondon - UK


6. Dental Treatment – Smile Makeover

I would like to say a very big thank you to Cyprus Sun Med Connections and all the staff especially the Dentist Dr Zenonos who was very attentive and caring. He put me at ease and took the time to talk to me through my treatment and what it would involve. I was a little apprehensive about travelling to Cyprus for the treatment but on arriving at the airport to be greeted by Joanne then driven to the surgery all my fears were instantly removed. The dentist’s surgery was state of the art, ultra modern and very clean. My stay in Cyprus was fantastic, the people friendly and with great places to visit. To come home with a Hollywood smile was even better. Belinda Sheffield – UK


7. Ophthalmic - Laser Eye Treatment

My introduction to Cyprus Sun Med Connections was via a friend who previously went through them for cosmetic surgery. So when I decided to have laser eye surgery I didn’t hesitate to contact them. There’s no better recommendation than by word of mouth. Their website is also very informative and honest and they really do work with some excellent doctors and surgeons. They just put it all together for you making it as easy as possible. When it came time for the surgery, I was nervous, as anyone would be, but the staff helped me to relax. The surgery was quick and painless and good value too with both eyes costing €1400. Joanne from Cyprus Sun Med Connections was with me throughout the whole procedure of course, and she even drove me home. Thank you Simon Larnaca – Cyprus


8. Infertility Treatment - IVF

Everything about my monthly cycle, my difficulty conceiving, the 2 miscarriages I had just had a terrible emotional impact on me and my family. Unless you’ve gone through this yourself it’s very hard to understand. As with most women I had always imagined that I was built to have babies and lots of them. Nothing about my reproductive life had lived up to my private image. Thankfully, our attempt at IVF with Cyprus Sun Med Connections produced a pregnancy. The embryologist gave us real down to earth information and that’s exactly what we needed and that helped us prepare for the treatment and possible outcome. Communication and understanding before, during and after our treatment was top. Thank you. Laura London UK


9. Cosmetic Surgery - Breast Augmentation

I did my research in Internet forums so I could hear from real women with real life experiences. I wanted to be treated and looked after like an individual and I’m so pleased I chose Cyprus Sun Med Connections for my breast augmentation surgery. I can’t praise Joanne and my surgeon enough. From the very first contact Joanne made me feel so at ease. The surgeon was patient and attentive, asking me questions, giving advise and always very professional and honest. I was even able to try different sizes of implants. I was given time to think about my decision and it was me who contacted them to arrange the surgery.

On the day of the surgery I was dealt with really quickly and efficiently. The staff, at the clinic were wonderful. After going home the aftercare didn’t end, Joanne would call, to see how I was and to make sure I was ok. My breasts look so natural and the size is perfect, and I am so pleased I went for the teardrop implant in the end. I would strongly recommend Cyprus Sun Med Connections to anyone considering surgery. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Zoe Limassol, Cyprus


10. Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Lift

I have just recently undergone a breast lift procedure and the outcome has surpassed my expectations!!! Wonderful people, very friendly, caring and professional. Never left my side since day one. Dr. David is very pleasant, kind and reassuring. The clinic is lovely, clean and modern. I would highly recommend this company to arrange your treatment here in Cyprus without any hesitation. Thank you very much Helen, Joanne and Dr. David!!!" Evelyn Limassol, Cyprus


11. Cosmetic Surgery - Breast Reduction12th April 2010

All very efficient and professional. Joanne was a great help over and above what would be expected. She added a superb personal touch. Dr David was a gentle charming man making me feel completely at ease and I found it easy to discuss any worries I had about the operation. All very professional. I was well looked after. Dr David made a great job out of a difficult operation because I was so big I do not know how he did it. The after care was excellent. The clinic stay was 'painless so to speak. Nice friendly English speaking staff and round the clock attention. Yes, I am satisfied with the result - my breasts are a tiny bit smaller than I was expecting but Dr David made such a great job of my nipples that it’s certainly not a complaint. Certainly would and already have done so. Joanne was a superb help before, during and after. Thank you very much. Alicia Richings


12. Breast Uplift

I had breast uplift and am absolutely thrilled with the results. I can honestly say my breasts have never looked this good. Dr David was a lovely man who put me completely at ease from the start and Jo has been amazing from start to finish. I only had my surgery just over two weeks ago and already the results are fantastic. The pain was minimal and I would describe it as feeling sore more than anything else but every day they look and feel better. My only regret is not having this done years ago! I am going back in December for a tummy tuck and to have my nose made prettier. After seeing the results of my surgery so far I would not trust anyone else but Dr David!" Mrs. D – Yorkshire, England


13. Laser Eye Surgery

I recently have had Laser eye surgery, I have wanted this done for a long time and decided to do it whilst living here in Cyprus. I paid 1000 pounds and it was worth every penny I would recommend this clinic as i found Jo to be very friendly and informative. As I am unable to drive and the clinic is in Larnaca she picked from my home me for all my appointments and took me back again after. If I felt the need for further surgery I would definitely use them again. Keely - Cyprus

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